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About Art Life Culture

Art Life Culture is a creative organization that connects the creative community  to programs and individuals that need the unique services they provide.

Founded in 2010 to promote local art and artists through new and alternative media, ALC has grown into an established network of creative professionals providing a number of art, life and cultural services and activities.

ALC in turn provides our network with a social media hub, promotional services, personal web space, creative and life skills management and support with contracts and legal documents to secure commissions, services and products.

As Art Life Culture grows, we continue to look forward to the new and ever changing landscape of our creatively charged world. ALC is committed to remaining at the forefront of artistic expression through new and traditional media, creative life coaching and building a solid cultural base for our creative professionals and the individuals and organizations they serve.

Find a complete list of Creative Individuals, Coaches and Instructors by logging into our secure pages using the password you were provided with... if you need a password contact ALC here and request access to our secure server.

Who We Are

Veronica A. D. Datzuk


Owner : Program Engineer 

Veronica holds a Bachelor of Science in Special Education and has focused professional development in human services, new literacy, professional portfolio development and service learning.  Her passions lie in the arts and empowering those in need to achieve personal success. 

Starting as a special education teacher with adjudicated youth, Veronica’s professional experience has spanned human services with all age groups in varied settings.  Her experiences encompasses traditional and nontraditional public school teaching,  home health aide for end of life care, ABA plan support, preschool, home school, transition specialist for congregate care, nanny, business owner, academic mentorship, professional trainer: diversity in the workforce, grant writer barista and more.

Ash Royer


Artist: ALC Studio Director

Nationally recognized Artist Ash Royer is committed to the creative process and providing care as an ILST through the state of Connecticut. Involved in the Performing Arts through her connections with local theatre groups and production teams, her experience encompasses stage and production direction, acting and live production audio visual engineering. Ash's Care Providing and Humanities direction the is diversified and ever changing as she pursues a number of certifications including EMT and ILST credentials. Growing in the Human Services field as a care provider and program director for several leading service agencies, Ash is now at the top of her field Directing both the ALCAC Studio and the ALCAC Gallery functions. Caring, Creative and fiercely driven to make a difference in the Arts and Humanities ALC is honored to include Ash as part of our creative team.

Alexander Datzuk


Artist: ALC Studio Maestro

Operating as the Art Life Culture Studio Maestro, Alex is responsible for the artistic and creative direction of Art Life Culture. Finding his way into Human Services in 2010 as the Creative Director and ILST for one of the most innovative ABI/TBI service providers in Connecticut he began a journey that led to the top of the field. His work with Neuro-Strategists, Psychologists, Cognitive, Behavioral and Physical Therapists, along with an unprecedented career in the arts has led to a fusion of art, creativity and care that is now recognized as one of the most pioneering approaches in Human Services.

His credentials are stellar in the artistic field With a Commercial Art Degree From The Art Institutes and Independent certification from The Pennsylvania Academy Of The Fine Arts. Alex is a Grantee from Yale University and was a Fellowship Funding Recipient while working in conjunction with the Lewis Walpole Library. As an Artist, Designer, Printmaker, Illustrator, Photographer or Marketing Professional his portfolio includes work for The Boston Ballet, the restoration for the murals at the Lincoln Monument, installations at The Bradley New England Air Museum, The CT Science Center, The Mystic Marine Life Aquarium, and The Mystic Seaport. Commercial Art projects for companies like Ducati, NEC, France Telecom, Prodigy Online, The USA Networks, Turner Broadcasting, Harman Consumer Group, Bose, GE, the ESPN Networks, Uniroyal Chemical, Varta Batteries, International Paper, Mustang Motorcycle Products, Lego, Milton Bradley, Matell, The Pilot Pen Corporation, Bic, United Technologies, The Barns Group, Victorinox, and many others.

Alex's Commercial and Fine Art background, combined with his work in the ABI/TBI community as a Creative Program Developer, have solidified his name as a humanitarian and a forward thinking creative professional. Alex is an Artist that the unified members of Art Life Culture are proud to call their Maestro.



John "Jack" Lamb

ALC Health & Healing Specialist

Grounded in service for the highest good, Jack applies Vibrational Medicine for the benefit of all life.

As a student at the Master's level in Integrative Health and Healing through the Graduate Institute,

Jack maintains a mission of providing knowledge and practical tools to teach self-healing techniques from a multitude of healing modalities. A student of Usui Reiki Ryoho lineage for over ten years, he has obtained a Reiki Master Teacher Certificate to teach all levels of the Usui/Tibetan system of healing as a free and independent Reiki Master. Having completed a mentorship and an internship through GeoHealing Arts, he demonstrates Space Clearing proficiency, as well, as techniques in Pranic healing, Diamond Therapy, and Crystal Light Healing through Universal Life Tools. A holistic nutrition enthusiast, he thrives on embracing earth's medicine.


As a practiced yogi for several years now, his dharma is subtle, artfully composed; Ideally, a warrior for peace. As a papa and loving husband, he believes it's essential to spread good medicine through art, music, word, thought and action

Whether working with private clients at assisted living homes, transitioning young adults on the spectrum into the community, or helping people discover how we can rewire our brains, Jack generates the best in people. Together we create a life beyond what we ever imagined.