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Art Life Culture is a professional cooperative engineered to support creative individuals and organizations that provide an array of services that include art, life and culture as part of their dynamic. Our network of Care Givers, Skills Trainers, Artists, Artisans and Creative Professionals can support artistic growth, life skill management and cultural outreach through creative programs and projects. We specialize in activities projects for the care and management of ABI/TBI survivors, at risqué populations and middle school students.



2018 Enrichment Activities 

Do you need care providers for an ABI/TBI survivor? Do you have a group that needs on site or off site activities that inspire and really work? Looking for after school activities and tutoring for your kids?

Kids: Located in Harwinton CT, Art Life Culture has daily activities and workshops right on the bus route from HAR-BUR Middle School that are fun, creative, culture filled and educational.  Openings for Middle School students  are available from 1-5 days a week, reasonably priced and arranged to fit a working family's schedule.

Adults: Operating 7 days a week, Art Life Culture provides a space for creative care and access to a network of independent professional Care Providers, ILST, PCA,  RA and therapy specialists. All Providers are certified and experienced in their individual skill set 

It's all about Art, Life, Culture, Fun! 

We know what it's like to need a good after school environment where kids have guidance for homework and can still have fun and be kids. We know your worried that service agencies may not provide individualized care the way you want it. We are parents, teachers, artiststs and caregivers. We couldn't find any programs that fit the bill for us, so we decided to do something about it. We decided to put what we know as educators, creative professionals and care providers to work and make something independent, new and fun. Something that answers what people are asking for while keeping a families and a Care Teams concerns in mind.

Art Life Culture offers enrichment activities in Fine Art, Printmaking, Photography, Animation, Music, Fabrication, Media and Journalism, plus mentorship and guidance for Math, English, Science and a host of other necessary skills to improve overall cognitive  well-being.

Art Life Culture’s Enrichment Menu... provides a list of fun instructional coaching that will build on individual skills and desires to be involved in creative activities. We call this the Whole Art Method (W.A.M.)

We will help build a variety of artistic and creative solutions to grow as they focus and hone skills in a direction to best suit an individuals needs. Whether they are looking to create fine art, start and manage a portfolio, develop musical abilities, improve core curriculum skills, day to day life skills, or improve socialization there is a Whole Art way to get them where they need to go.

The Whole Art Method is engineered by creative care and educational professionals and that makes all the difference.

Why would you want a non-creative group to guide you in a creative direction? The arts are different, and the environment and the people coaching should know how to harness talent. Professional Care Givers, Artisy and Educators designed The Whole Art Method to get right to the heart of the artistic process. Professionals with backgrounds in an individuals interest or need will always be paired correctly to coach, mentor and instruct them on their journey. These are individuals who live a creative lifestyle or have rich backgrounds in academics. From musicians to artists and educators, you will not find a better group of committed individuals.

Program Options:

Whole Art:

        Introduction To Whole Art

        How Today’s Artists & Musicians Live

        Using The Studio As A Tool

        Using Creative Time Wisely


        Speaking The Language Of Art and Music

Whole Art Journalling:

        Intro To Journaling

        Basic Journaling

        Core Journaling

        Advanced Journaling


Basic Rhythm Sessions

Individual Instrument Instruction

Advanced Studio Techniques

Jam Sessions

Fine Art:


        Water Color






        Pen & Ink




        Intro To Sculpture



        Designing Large Scale


        Monotype Paper & Stencil

        Monotype Stamping

        Monotype Gelli

        Production & Monotype Letterpress

        Production & Monotype Silk Screen

        Production Lithography

Media Arts:


        Choosing Subjects 

        Crowd Source Content (13yo+ only)

        Social Media Management (13yo+ only)


        Stop Motion & Time-laps

Graphic Design:

        Basics of Design

        Raster & Vector Art

        Designing for reference 

        Designing for print

        Designing for the internet (13yo+ only)


        Basic Photography


        Landscape and Architecture 

        Studio Photography 

        Photo Journaling


The ALC Folk Instrument  Shop:



        Basic Luthier

        Wood Finishing

        Decorative Arts

The Art Gallery:

        My Portfolio

        Event Planning & Show Scheduling

        Creating OnLine Presence (13yo+ only)

        Using Social Media (13yo+ only)

ALC Creative Adventures:

        Gallery Nights

        Sonic Sessions


        Educational Programs

        CoOp Group Trips

Academic Coaching:




All Studies $12 per session hour*

Kids: Activities vary from group to 1 on 1 instruction, depending on activities or academic needs. Most activities include materials and are 1-2 hours max per child per day. Ask about additional material costs for larger projects, discounts and individual project time estimates. 

Adults: Contact Art Life Culture to see what options are available for activities and professional care services.


if you have more than one participating child, if you sign up for 3 or 5 days, or if you book ahead you can save. Sign up for 4 weeks of sessions, 3-5 days & save an extra 10%*! 

*Excluding individual Musical Instrument Sessions

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Art Life Culture can provide a number of creative and artistic care services to enrich your life. Find out more about ALC services and our network of creative professionals. Click here